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I am a Registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta and am located in Edmonton, AB. I provide both in-person and virtual sessions. 

I do not offer direct billing at this time. I encourage individuals with a healthcare plan to contact their providers and inquire about coverage, especially in regards to psychological assessments.

No you do not need a referral to access psychological services or to complete psychological assessments.

Currently this is not a service I provide; however, I am currently working on making this service available.

I primarily work with children ages 0-10.

It really varies from child to child depending on the presenting concern and their developmental level. Overall my approach is play-based, child-led, strength-based with the goal of helping to support children's overall social and emotional health and to help promote positive and health coping strategies. I also prefer to work very closely with the families of the children I work with, especially very young children, as the child is part of the family unit and I want to help families to support their child's needs at home.

In some situations, schools are willing to pay for the completion of psychoeducational assessments. Some differences between having an assessment completed through a school division or through assessment privately is the level of control the guardian has over who completes the assessment and what is shared with the school and other individuals working with the child.   

Another reason some parents may choose to go private is the wait times. In some circumstances, it can take up to a year for an assessment to be completed. Knowing the benefits of early intervention and supporting children as soon as possible in regards to their social-emotional-behavioural functioning as well as their learning and overall mental health, some parents may choose to go private and have the assessment done in a more timely manner. Imagine Psychology will typically have the assessment completed within 4-6 weeks. 

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